Sunday, March 16, 2014

Five New Poems by Matt McBride

                From ACROSS THE GRAND PIANO

bells seized
bowing             briefly
measuring the mechanics of

i remember you were there

for awhile


a white forest of candles

the movements of
a hundred powdered heads

fragments of

an unexpected
and delicate


at times great walls

the last line of
a fabulously beautiful color


he called after
echoing and embroidering
the alley—

a country
big enough to hold
the baker’s
war-dancing children


no color

the soft charcoal of             shadows
glued on a compass

a half rose
sweeping open
after a pause

Matt McBride teaches composition as a Senior Lecturer for Ohio State University. He has poetry appearing in or forthcoming from Another Chicago Magazine, Columbia Poetry Review, Cream City Review, FENCE, The Pinch, and Smartish Pace amongst others. His latest chapbook, Cities Lit by the Light Caught in Photographs, was released in 2012 by H_NGM_N Books. He works on staff at and Vouched Books. His blog is