Saturday, March 21, 2009


I haven't updated this in years!!!

Poems forthcoming in Zoland Poetry, Cider Press Review, The National Poetry Review and Transom Journal.

"On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres" Third Coast Magazine, Spring 2011. print only.

"Sere": White Whale Review Issue 3.1, May 2011. read.

"Why I almost Never Leave the House," "Emergency," and "Bicycle": Barnstorm, May 2011. read

"Near Winter," "Pumps," and "Factoryville Fragments": The Arava Review, Spring 2011. read and read more

"Save Us," "I’m a Pretty Big Deal Around Here," and "Rasputin’s Beard": InDigest, No. 19, February 2011. read.

"Factory" and "Silver": H_NG M_N, Issue #11, Winter 2011. read

"The Church of the Nine Hundred Nails" and "Pastoral": The Arava Review, Summer 2010. read

"Why I Write in My Diary Every Day": Leveler, June 2010. read

"Pool," "Canteen" and "Exchange of Territory": Thermos, Volume 1, Issue 4, Spring 2010. currently print only

"Apples, Crosses": Artifice Magazine, Issue #1, February 2010. print only

"Teeth Muse" and "Dear Things": InDigest Magazine, no. 15, February 2010. read

"The Awes": elimae, February 2010. read

"Sleepwalkers" and "The Next Big Thing": My Name is Mud, January 2010. read

"Pastoral" and "World": 322 Review, Issue Three, January 2010. read

"Primer" and "Always Distant": The Ampersand, Volume 4, November 2009. print only

"PS": Stirring, Volume 11, Edition 9, September 2009. read

"Night Poachers": The Cortand Review, Issue 44, August 2009. read

"Ice," "North" and "Toulouse": Amarillo Bay, Volume 11, Number 3, Summer 2009. read

"That Year" and "Rocket": H_NG M_N, Issue #8, Summer 2009. read

"On Public Speaking" and "Forever-voice": At-Large Magazine, Mixtape (A-Sides, B-Sides & Rarities), Summer 2009. read

"Field Trip to the Museum Featuring Your Death in a Glass Display Case," "Dost" and "What Fire Was That": Drunken Boat, Volume 10, Summer 2009. read

"Skating Rink": Gander Press Review, Spring/Summer 2009. read

"What to do with water," "Pasture Prayer," and "Crag": The Arava Review, Spring 2009. read

"Gryphon": Sonora Review, Issue 55/56, Spring 2009 print only

"Lord," "Moving," "Sky Dogs," "The Mill," and "Factoryville Eclogue": Stride Magazine, Spring 2009. read

"Part of the Water, Part of the Moon": Contrary Magazine, Spring 2009. read

“Jimson” and “About the World”: Apple Valley Review, Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2009. read

"Elsewhere" and "Toledo": The 2River View, Volume 13.2, Winter 2009. read

"The President's Dreams": Contrary Magazine, Winter 2009. read

"Pantheon" and "Trying to Build a Man in My Basement": La Petit Zine, Issue 21, Spring 2008. read

"The Eighties," "Thaw," "Dogs," and "Scranton Prayer": Stride Magazine, Winter 2008. read

"The Minsk" and "Interior": Memorious, Issue 11, December 2008. read

"Avalanche": Blood Orange Review, Volume 3.4, November 2008. read

"Scarecrow": Front Porch Journal, Issue 8, October 2008. read

"Astronaut": Contrary Magazine, Autumn 2008. read

"Snapshots of the Epic": Sundress, Best of the Net 2007. read

"Snapshots of the Epic": Contrary Magazine, Spring 2007. read

"Another autobiography: I work with machines": Nth Position, October 2007. read