Friday, April 10, 2009


Jenny Barber - The Angel in the Mirror, September 2011

Kim Gek Lin Short - What Passes For Meat In Heaven, August 2011

Kiki Petrosino - At the Bottom of a Shadow, June 2011

Michelle Taransky - To Make It Matter Again, August 2010

Joyce WIlson - The Etymology of Spruce, May 2010

Dora Malech - If You Are Reading This You Can’t Be Nearly Close Enough to Me, May, 2010

Paul Siegell - Who's Got My Extra?, April 2010

Peter Ramos - The Edge of Awake, February 2010

Leigh Stein - You Said, Did You Say Something, November 2009

Dereck Clemons - A Little Place for You and Everything, September 2009

Kevin Goodin - What is Orphan in Me, August 2009

Nate Pritts - My Very Me, August 2009

David Gruber - The Opposite of a Kiss, May 2009

Jessica Bozek - Another Tongue I don’t Know, May 2009

David Blair - Oversized Strangeness, April 2009

Zach Savich - Why Would You Lie to a Field?, March 2009